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Urinary System

The urinary system is responsible for removing urea, a type of waste found in your blood. The body absorbs nutrients from food intake. When foods containing protein and some vegetables are broken down by the body, urea is produced and carried through the bloodstream to the kidneys. The kidney filters the urea, while allowing the blood to keep glucose, salts and minerals. The filtered urea is then mixed with water, excess salts and organic material to become urine. The kidneys then send the urine through ureter tubes to the bladder. Muscles in the ureter contract and relax to facilitate urine movement into the bladder. The bladder then stores the urine. The body’s sphincter muscles keep the urine from leaking until the body is signaled to eliminate it.


Massage therapy activates the urinary system. Fluids in the muscles are pushed into the lymphatic system, which is then filtered and excreted via the urinary system. After a massage, the massage therapist will likely urge the client to drink lots of clear fluids to assist in flushing the built-up waste, toxins and debris from the body.


Massage assists the urinary system in the following ways:

  • aids in increasing urinary output

  • reduces fluid retention

  • stimulates the digestive system

  • promotes better elimination of wastes

  • increases the efficiency of the liver

  • increases the efficiency of the kidneys

  • assists toxins stored in the muscles to be released

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